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Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea
Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea has a strong acrid taste, the scent of Magnolia flowers creates a pleasant and relaxing feeling for the user. Suitable for enjoying, making tea for family, friends and partners. Very suitable for organic tea is men who like strong acrid oolong tea.
Trà Oolong tứ quý
Trà Oolong tứ quý
Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea
Sijichun Tea is a “Best Seller” product and is typical of Phuoc Lac Tea. So why does this product have something special, let’s find out right away:
Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea with other names such as Si Ji Chun or Four Seasons Oolong, originated in Taiwan, is produced from oolong tea buds of 1 shrimp, 2-3 young leaves, and It is grown in hilly areas with an altitude of 1000m above sea level, where the climate is cool and the sunlight is suitable for the development and growth of tea trees.
Compared to other oolong teas that are usually harvested twice a year in spring and late autumn, Sijichun Oolong Tea can be harvested all year round and still has a spring flavor. Because it can be harvested in four seasons of the year, the tea is called Four Seasons Oolong Tea and has an affordable price.
In Vietnam, Sijichun Oolong Tea is increasingly popular with users, it brings good effects to users’ health such as supporting the heart, reducing blood fat, stabilizing blood pressure, enhancing mental health. for users. Especially many organic teas are men who like Sijichun Oolong Tea because of its rich acrid taste, full of tea with its pure aroma.
Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea is highly appreciated through Taiwan’s modern production technology, rigorously from cultivation to finished product processing. Luxury packaging in many forms, easy to use and as gifts on holidays and New year Eve.
Fragrant Sijichun Oolong Tea
Sijichun Oolong Tea has a characteristic flavor that is rich, sweet aftertaste, yellow-green water color, can be mixed many times with water. Satisfy all users, in addition to the aroma of tea in the brewing times, the scent of Magnolia flower spreads gently, creating a feeling of relaxation, comfort, bringing comprehensive health and spirit to the body.
Another aspect that makes the name of Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea is the impressive packaging style, creating a feeling of nostalgia but no less luxurious. It is a delicate gift, meaning good health for the recipient.
Uses of Sijichun  Oolong Tea
Uses: Helps clear heat, digestion, diuretic, slows down the skin aging process, helps prevent some cancers, heart disease, diabetes, detoxifies the liver, helps to lose weight and fight obesity, diseases oral teeth.
Especially not causing insomnia.
There are many types of oolong tea on the market, you should be careful to avoid buying the wrong product. Especially the Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea of Phuoc Lac Manufacturer with the ability to sell well during holidays and Tet.
To buy the right quality products, you should refer to the products on website: traphuoclac.com and contact to customer service.
Hotline for Whosale & Retail (+84)778.778.076 (Viber/WhatApps).