Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea: Delicious Taste, Taiwan Standard


The pure fragrance opens our heart

Open letter inviting you to try our products: With more than 15 years of exporting in the international market (Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, USA…), Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea is proud to be a delicious Vietnamese Oolong Tea brand is highly appreciated by tea connoisseurs. In 2021, Phuoc Lac officially increases domestic sales, and we are honored to be certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with 5-star national OCOP certification for regional specialties.

Dang vien nen tra phuoc lac 2 Tra Phuoc Lac

We are proud to be the distributor of Phuoc Lac oolong tea in Vietnam. Phuoc Lac Tea Company – Is a reputable and quality Oolong Tea Factory in Vietnam (The factory is 22,000m² in Bao Loc, Lam Dong, Vietnam and more than 160 hectares of farm area). Phuoc Lac distributes Wholesale & Retail for domestic and international  markets, with more than 15 years of experience in producing Oolong Tea and over 2000 enterprises, domestic and foreign partners trust, using our products, Phuoc Lac proud of having the best quality Oolong Tea that has been appreciated by tea connoisseurs. The products is processed according to a rigorous process to keep the properties good for health. “Premium Tea for a Good Start” is the message Phuoc Lac wants to send to you, our products are specialized as gifts, high-class gifts for family, relatives, friends, colleagues, partners, customers… on important occasions. In addition, to meet the needs of consumers, we also have popular teas, supplying ingredients for making iced tea, milk tea, fruit tea… so that everyone can choose.

NOTE: Hotline for Whosale & Retail (Viber/WhatApps): (+84) 778.778.076


ID Image Product Retail
1 kim tuyen Jinxuan Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea (Premium Quality) (Vacuum packing) Contact
2 tu quy Sijichun Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea (Premium Quality) (Vacuum packing) Contact


NOTE: Hotline for Whosale & Retail (Viber/WhatApps): (+84) 778.778.076


Tra Phuoc Lac

Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea Product

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Trà Oolong Kim Tuyên
 Jinxuan Oolong Tea
Trà Oolong Tứ Quý
 Sijichun Oolong Tea

Phuoc Lac products do not cause insomnia

Jinxuan Oolong Tea and Sijichun Oolong Tea are typical products of Phuoc Lac, delicious, pure, sweet, with a light acrid taste. If you like the scent, you can choose Jinxuan, a mild acrid taste, with a mild milky aroma. If you like a stronger acrid taste, you can choose Sijichun, the light scent of Magnolia is very pleasant. Both Jinxuan and Sijichun tea products are high-class delicious tea of ​​Phuoc Lac, both suitable for tea enjoyment and as a very delicate gift.


Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea has a closed production process, from cultivation to finished products, using only raw materials that are self-cultivated and cared from Phuoc Lac Tea Farm , not purchased from outside , absolutely not soaked in chemicals, so product quality is guaranteed, meeting international export standards, Phuoc Lac have full certifications: VIETGAP, HACCP, ISO 22000

VietGAP pdf
ISO 22000 pdf

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The pure fragrance opens our heart

The pure fragrance opens our heart

Lam Dong Television informs Phuoc Lac’s products

Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea was established in 2005 with an area of ​​over 160 hectares located in Village 11, DamB’ri commune, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. Phuoc Lac Tea Company is known as a tea enterprise with quality products processed into good grades of Lam Dong Provice, Vietnam.

Toàn cảnh nông trường Trà Phước Lạc

Panoramic view of Phuoc Lac Tea farm

In addition to the area specializing in cultivating Oolong Tea varieties, Phuoc Lac also has a factory with an area of ​​over 22,000 m², which is fully equipped with machinery and equipment according to Taiwan’s advanced technology. Our factory produce 300 to 400 tons of dry tea per year. Besides, Phuoc Lac also has a team of technical staff, workers with solid ability in planting, harvesting and processing and packaging processes according to Taiwan’s technology.

With the process of planting, caring, harvesting, processing and packing tea according to advanced technology, our products have natural flavor – absolutely no chemical seasoning, ensuring Phuoc Lac’s tea products reach the highest standards. Phuoc Lac’s tea products have been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a good agricultural products. Our products are exported to Taiwan as well as famous supermarkets.

Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea: Mission to protect health

Su menh bao ve suc khoe tra phuoc lac Dang vien nen tra phuoc lac

Since ancient times, Oolong Tea has been likened to the “King” of teas, but growing this tea is not simple. Oolong Tea must have a pure aroma, a warm taste, green, yellow water, green leaves, when drinking, you will feel refreshed, your mind is pure, and you will feel the air of the sky being mixed with each breath.

The process of growing and processing is not simple, it is necessary to have the right technique to help tea retain about 400 active ingredients such as proteins, essential oils, glucosides, enzymes and tannins (15% – 30%) 17 amino acids, pigments (carotene, xanthophin), organic acids, inorganic minerals (Fe, P, K, Ca, Zn, Mn. Fl, …) vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, PP, E,).

Chè hái thủ công từ nông trường Phước Lạc

Harvest tea on Phuoc Lac Tea Farm

From the passion bringing consumers excellent quality tea buds and protect their health has become the driving force and reason for Phuoc Lac’s birth, as a joint effort to bring out the measures to protect the health’s community, Phuoc Lac Oolong Tea want to protect the rights of consumers and enjoy the taste of Oolong Tea also improve health from products derived from Oolong Tea.

To pursue the mission of protecting health through the use of Oolong Tea, Phuoc Lac has seriously researched and developed Oolong Tea products that ensure hygiene and safety for health, contributing to the development of a better life’s quality.

Vision: The leader in Oolong Tea products in Vietnam

Everyone has a future to entrust, to hope for and to move forward, especially when that future has so much to do with the health of the community.

And in the ardent desire to continuously carry out the mission of contributing to finding and providing “Solutions to protect the health’s  community”, Phuoc Lac is taking steady steps on the way to a long-term goal, a future where health is better protected, everyone’s life becomes better.

With a dedicated view of serving variety of cosumers, Phuoc Lac’s products are produced with many diverse types, which can be suitable for all users, with many price ranges that anyone can choose.

Vi sao nen chon tra phuoc lacWHY SHOULD CHOOSE PHUOC LAC TEA?

dau tich 1 Directly producing only Oolong Tea according to a closed process, no outside purchase, using clean and advanced technology of Taiwan.

dau tich 1 Receive processing Oolong Tea of ​​all kinds, save costs.

dau tich 1 Wholesale & Retail distribution of Oolong Tea with factory price.

dau tich 1 Free delivery nationwide.

dau tich 1 Dedicated 24/7 care.

Cam ket voi khach hangCOMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS

dau tich 1 Bringing quality Oolong Tea at the right price to each customer. The product is the same as the description and pictures posted on the website and online store.

dau tich 1 Dedicated and enthusiastic customer service, helping you have a good shopping experience.

dau tich 1 Solve product inquiries and problems (if any) for customers quickly and satisfactorily. If you meet any difficulties or problems, please contact us, do not rush to give us a negative review.

Pleased to serve you!

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NOTE: Hotline for Whosale & Retail (Viber/WhatApps): (+84) 778.778.076